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Onix Hex offers a bold and modern option in a hexagonal pressed glass mosaic format. This beautiful 98% recycled material mosaic has a sand blasted finish enhanced by a unique iridescent coat that creates a dramatic effect. Onix Hex comes in 11 unique color options and is available on 12"x12" mesh-mounted sheets.
SKU SKU Onix_hex
Color Variation Color Variation V3
P.E.I. P.E.I. N/A
D.C.O.F. D.C.O.F. N/A
Water Absorption Water Absorption No
Chemical Resistance Chemical Resistance No
Frost Resistance Frost Resistance No
Finish Finish Matte/Polished
Glaze Type Glaze Type Glass
Application Application Floor , Wall
Area Area Indoor, Outdoor
Made In Made In Spain
Edge Finish Edge Finish Natural Edge
Recycled Content(%) Recycled Content(%) 98
Size Size No
Number of Faces Number of Faces N/A
Underlayment should be fully cured concrete or properly installed cement backer-board, and must be dry, stable, flat and free of foreign substances, with no risk of water seepage. When adhering, apply a thin-layer of adhesive, spreading smoothly in order for it to dry evenly. Back butter each tile to ensure full coverage with adhesive.


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Installation Instructions

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