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Contempo delivers a soft linen look and feel in true designer fashion. It brings to mind an interpretation of woven textile and is available in an attractive range of colors. Mix and match different sizes, colors and decorative pieces to add modern flare with subtle, yet impressionable, design elements to any space. Offered in five modern, urban colors with two sizes, mosaics and trims available.
SKU SKU Contempo Series
Color Variation Color Variation V2
P.E.I. P.E.I. 4
D.C.O.F. D.C.O.F. >0.42
Water Absorption Water Absorption <0.5%
Type Type Glazed Porcelain
Chemical Resistance Chemical Resistance Yes
Frost Resistance Frost Resistance Yes
Finish Finish Matte
Glaze Type Glaze Type Glazed
Usage Usage Commercial, Residential
Application Application Floor , Wall
Area Area Indoor, Outdoor
Made In Made In China
Edge Finish Edge Finish Rectified
Recycled Content(%) Recycled Content(%) No
Look Look Fabric
Size Size 24"x24", 12"x24"
Number of Faces Number of Faces N/A
Each installation recommendation, or method, requires a properly designed, constructed, and prepared substructure using materials and construction techniques that meet nationally recognized material and construction standards.
Prior to installing any ceramic or porcelain tiles, please refer to written guidelines detailed in the current TCNA Handbook for Ceramic, Glass and Stone Tile Installation

Products of the Series

Contempo Arctic 12"x24" (matte)

SKU: EDA36167

Contempo Tan 12"x24" (matte)

SKU: EDA36168

Contempo Sand 12"x24" (matte)

SKU: EDA36169

Contempo Jute 12"x24" (matte)

SKU: EDA36157

Contempo Arctic Matchstick 3/8"x6"

SKU: 66167-Matchstick

Contempo Tan Matchstick Mosaic 3/8"x6"

SKU: 66168-Matchstick

Contempo Sand Matchstick Mosaic 3/8"x6"

SKU: 66169-Matchstick

Contempo Jute Matchstick Mosaic 3/8"x6"

SKU: 66157-Matchstick

Contempo Aspen Blend Matchstick Mosaic

SKU: Aspen-Matchstick

Contempo Samoa Blend Matchstick Mosaic

SKU: Samoa-Matchstick

Contempo Arctic 3.25"x12" BN (matte)


Contempo Tan 3.25"x12" BN (matte)


Contempo Jute 3.25"x12" BN (matte)


Contempo Midnight Black 3.25"x12" BN