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The New York series glass line is a high quality painted back glass mosaics, cut into various sizes on a 12"x12" mesh-mounted sheet. This series, with its beautiful new designer colors, result in a translucent and elegant contemporary look available in three mixed and three solid color options.
SKU SKU New York Glass Series
Color Variation Color Variation V3
P.E.I. P.E.I. No
D.C.O.F. D.C.O.F. No
Water Absorption Water Absorption No
Chemical Resistance Chemical Resistance No
Frost Resistance Frost Resistance No
Finish Finish No
Glaze Type Glaze Type Glass
Application Application Wall
Area Area Indoor
Made In Made In China
Edge Finish Edge Finish No
Recycled Content(%) Recycled Content(%) No
Size Size No
Number of Faces Number of Faces No
Underlayment should be fully cured concrete or properly installed cement backerboard, and must be dry, stable, flat and free of foreign substances, with no risk of water seepage. When adhering, apply a thin-layer of adhesive, spreading smoothly in order for it to dry evenly. Back butter each tile to ensure full coverage with adhesive.


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Installation Instructions

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New York - Gray 12"x12" Mesh Sheet

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New York - Staten 12"x12" Mesh Sheet

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New York - Queens 12"x12" Mesh Sheet

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